Unearth | Comic Strip – The Footman

Unearth is going on hiatus while the author is busy battling the forces of Real Life!

Weekly updates will continue with a series of comic strips until the author defeats Reality.

19 Responses to Unearth | Comic Strip – The Footman

  1. Dreadogastus says:

    Not the forces of Reality! They are persistent, devious and unrelenting. After many years of battling with them, the best I have managed is a shaky armistice.
    Good luck and godspeed man!.

  2. Schplork says:

    What we need is a united front in the battle with reality – now is the time to rebel against it! Rise up and fight!

    Of course, spending your free time reading comics isn’t a bad way to start.

  3. Sturzkampf says:

    Good luck with that. Personally, I have always found reality to be a greatly over-rated experience.

  4. Custom avatarwintermute says:

    Best of luck Matthew! Don’t let them get you!

  5. Petaybee says:

    Go give Real Life some bloody hell! (Careful though, Real Life fights dirty, bring friends.)

  6. Thorin Schmidt says:

    You know, I was thinking. What if Alice DID marry the footman and became employed in Philo’s house? Can you imagine? No matter where she started, Alice would undoubtedly climb all the way to Head of Housekeeping, Chief Maid, or whatever the title.

    Alice would become one of those Frighteningly Efficient Housekeepers. You know, the ones who are Competent and Efficient to guests, but to their employers….

    Imagine Philo, destined to a life of Extremely Starched linens, meals consisting of all his least favorite foods, cooked nevertheless to Absolute Perfection. Alice would learn his habits so well, that Philo would find, no matter where he decided to go, it would always be THAT room that was scheduled for cleaning…

    And Godfrey? Well, you saw in the cartoon. I think he and Alice would complement each other. Like Steak and Eggs, Laurel and Hardy, Hammer and Anvil…

    The house would be known far and wide as having the best staff around. Philo would be the envy of his peers, parties there would be amazing, but only he would know the subtle hell of having both a Frighteningly Efficient Houskeeper, and a Perfectly Evil Butler. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Custom avatarwintermute says:

      Wow. Just wow.

      That is terrifying and yet hilarious all at the same time.

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        I kind of imagine he’d have a combination of Mrs. MacReady from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and Jeeves from the Wooster and Jeeves movies (the British ones, not the awful American-made one)

  7. Djkblue says:

    Dammed u reality dose your evil know no bound !!!

  8. Crazyman says:

    As a great man once said, “Wow, reality what a concept!” 🙂

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