Unearth | Comic Strip – Failed Novelist

A Hiatus is a time for sober reflection on questions such as: “Am I an idiot all the time, or just some of the time?”

Comic strips will continue in lieu of the story until the author removes all the lint from his bellybutton.

21 Responses to Unearth | Comic Strip – Failed Novelist

  1. Teh Gerg says:

    The interim strips have been a lot of fun. Thanks.

  2. Number 6 says:

    So: The author is making Roddy criticize the author for making Charlie criticize Roddy for having character attributes that the the author gave him in the first place?

    And to think that just a week ago *I* was accused of being meta, meta, meta! 😉

    • mvandinter says:

      Evidently you’re my inspiration, Number 6 🙂

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        AAAH! too much meta! it’s making my metabolism go insane, causing severe metamorphosis in my metacarpals… OOWWW… if only there were some soothing music… maybe I could play something on that handy metallophone that the kind metallurgist made for me yesterday….
        OOHHH the metacognition!

  3. Custom avatarSturzkampf says:

    Well, I think Mr Rodney deserves a good kicking for calling the talented guy who makes this excellent comic (sorry, on-line graphic narrative) all those slanderous rude names. OK, Mr Rodney deserves a good kicking on a regular basis anyway, but especially for that.

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      vell, hy tink hyu eez chust da vun to do eet, ja? Like you always say, if you want an atrocity done right you got to do it yourself…

    • mvandinter says:

      I’m not sure it qualifies as “slanderous” if it’s true. And I should know.

      • Custom avatarSturzkampf says:

        Suppose it might be libellous on the grounds it’s written down even though Mr Rodney is saying it. But you’re a great cartoonist and we are all looking forward to the next episode, especially the one where Mr Rodney gets eaten by a velociraptor.

      • Dewey, Cheatham & Howe says:

        As legal counsel for the good Roderick Farthing, we must point out that libel/slander requires two criteria. First, that the accusation must be untrue, and second that the accused has had their reputation harmed by the accusation. Even if this accusation is indeed untrue, thus meeting the first criteria, anyone can plainly see that nobody’s reputation could possibly ever be harmed by an accusation from such an odious, obnoxious, repulsive little snot as Roddy – if anything, his disdain would probably improve one’s reputation. Therefore, you must find our esteemed client innocent of all charges.

  4. Wyvern says:

    [bad French accent]Ze fourth wall! It is breaking![/bad French accent]

  5. Thorin Schmidt says:

    You know, it’s kind of crazy how many people I actually am acquainted with that read the same web comics that I do. So, are there any minnions or shufflers hanging out here?

  6. Custom avatarwintermute says:

    The primary axiom of the Universe states that:

    “People are stupid”

    This has many corollaries, such as:

    “Other drivers on the road at any given time are stupid”


    “When I am behind the wheel I am stupid”

    I always try to remember this when I need to do something that relies on the intelligence of someone (including myself!) for success. It helps me not to take anything for granted, which would, after all, be stupid.

    • mvandinter says:

      True that, perhaps too true. I fully intend to invent a universe with an alternate axiom.

      • Number 6 says:

        Unfortunately, since you are currently in this universe, it therefore follows that that is a stupid plan. (I would suggest a better one, but it sadly seems that I am also in this universe.)

        • Thorin Schmidt says:

          There you go again, making my brain hurt. Why do I keep reading your posts???? Oh yeah, I’m stupid…

          • Custom avatarwintermute says:

            Hey, being stupid can be very liberating! You know what they say; no brain, no worries!

            And sometimes great things can happen even from a stupid plan. All it takes is some dumb luck :-}

        • Enigma says:

          Mmmm maby maby not just keep in mind that no mater how bad something is going wrong it can ALWAYS get worse and if you say other wise the universe well gladly show you how.

          • Thorin Schmidt says:

            Things that should NEVER be said…

            “What could possibly go wrong?”
            “We have planned for every contingency.”
            “This plan is foolproof.”
            “Let’s split up and search separately”
            “It’s obviously harmless”
            “It’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.”

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