Unearth | Comic Strip – Bit Players

The hiatus continues… but the comic strip substitutions are not all bad, are they?

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  1. Number 6 says:

    The said Rev. Playfair of the John Wayne movie (The Quiet Man) perhaps having himself been named after the more renowned Rev. Playfair who resided in the UK in the early 1800s, oddly enough.
    Or would that be too meta? 😉

  2. Ikwig says:

    Oh yes, Alice, if you’re part of an ensemble cast then you absolutely must have the two bozos as well: “the more, the merrier,” as they say! For my part, I’m just impressed that the author has chosen to take on such an ensemble. It must be quite a trial when even the “bit players” have big personalities, and no one in the cast seems inclined to do what you tell them to . . . Kudos are in order, I believe, for simply trying to manage them all!

    And yes, dear author, while I am sad that the bellybutton lint and the meaning of life both continue to elude you, I must admit that I am quite enjoying the comics as well. So please, take all the time you need to deal with the things that must be dealt with.

  3. Custom avatarWyvern says:

    If she doesn’t consider Capt. Eaton a major character, then who’s she counting as number 8? Surely not the French engineer?

    • mvandinter says:

      Alice, Charlotte, Philo, Godfrey, Roddy, Her Highness, Mr. Dult, and, yes, Marshal Farraux. Sorry. 8 major characters, however, is the lowest possible estimate.

      • Number 6 says:

        And that’s only because he’s already killed off one of the major characters.
        I am, of course, referring to The Toolbox.

      • Custom avatarWyvern says:

        You must know something I don’t, because I wouldn’t have thought of Farraux as a major character (certainly not more major than Capt. Eaton, at any rate).

        • mvandinter says:

          Curiously, I do know a few things. There’s a reason Farraux got his own prologue chapter.

          • Number 6 says:

            I just assumed that it was because you were a huge fan of early 19th century mining engineers. I mean, who isn’t, right?

        • Custom avatarwintermute says:

          Considering that he is the one writing this story, I’d guess that yes, he does in fact know some things that you don’t, that have not (yet) been revealed to us. 😉

  4. Hornet says:

    Damn must have missed a chapter because I don’t even remember who Farraux is.

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