Unearth | Comic Strip – 3 Steps

Step One: Go on webcomic hiatus.
Step Two: Hold on. What comes after Step One again?
Step Three: See Step Two.

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  1. Petaybee says:

    Step Four: Reboot and announce that everything was really a dream sequence.
    Step five: Watch the internets burn down.
    Step six: Recant and reintroduce original storyline as Unearth “Classic“.

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      – Step 4: Who shot JR?????
      – Step 6: You been doing coke again???

      • Custom avatarwintermute says:

        No, coke Classic.

        • Custom avatarwintermute says:


          That should have been our first clue that Bill Cosby was not who we thought he was. Promoting “New Coke” *shudder*

          Should’ve known something was off.

          • Number 6 says:

            From the Wikipedia article on New Coke: “….in the short term the fiasco led Bill Cosby to end his advertising for Coke, saying his commercials that praised the superiority of the new formula had hurt his credibility….”

            See, people would believe him now if it wasn’t for those commercials hurting his credibility.

    • Custom avatarwintermute says:

      Unearth: TOS

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        Unearth: TNG

        wherein we find that the descendants of our “heroes” are still rattling around in a larger, more powerful driller,and have made an alliance with the Lizardfolk against the French( aka the Napoleans), and the Butler is a steam-powered automaton named “Jeeves”.

        • Number 6 says:

          Step 7: The webcomic Unearth will now be turned over to Open Source/Crowdsourcing – to be written by the readers! Roddy, high priest of the Steam Goddess / Hot Gas cult, has taken over the surface world with his army of giant steampunk robots. Meanwhile in our season finale episode, the Brit/Lizardfolk Alliance is forced to join forces in a cautious temporary truce with the Napoleons (AKA The Nappys) to repel an even greater threat from the Dreaded Abyss Moths!!

          • Thorin Schmidt says:

            …we are the Moths…
            …resistance is useless…
            …your unique clothing styles will be evaluated, consumed, and added to our own…
            …your lives… …your world… …now belong… …to us…

      • mvandinter says:

        It’s not exactly reassuring to discover that I’m superfluous.

        • Custom avatarIkwig says:

          I don’t think I would say “superfluous,” . . . but I might say “now look what you’ve started!”

          On a side note, I’m glad to note that the webcomic author for Unearth is still alive and well, and that if he is still on hiatus, at least the hiatus continues to be entertaining! Seriously , this is the most entertaining webcomic hiatus I’ve ever come across; I kind of feel like I should be saying “keep up the good work!” of, you know, being on hiatus?

          At any rate, I hope that you have a happy and healthy new year! If you keep putting stuff up on this website, I will undoubtedly continue to come here and read it, whether there is a hiatus or not!

        • Number 6 says:

          No! Superfluous? Not at all! We still need you to pay for hosting and keep the domain name registered! 😉

        • Thorin Schmidt says:

          Never superfluous. Where else would we get the great ideas to launch from? Right now, the engine has been removed from the train, and the cars are running amok… but don’t worry, we’ll settle back down (more or less) once the comic starts up again.

          In the meantime, I’ll echo Ikwig and say this is the best hiatus of a webcomic ever!

  2. Hornet says:

    Interesting that you managed to write a book length prologue but the comic itself is stuck in chapter 2…

    • Number6 says:

      “Real Life” is like that – it doesn’t care what chapter you are on or if you’re right in the middle of a story, it will just butt in and screw up all your plans. Really, now that I think about it, “Real Life” is kind of a jerk. No wonder almost nobody likes it and more and more people pay very little attention to it. I’m barely on speaking terms with it myself. (I probably shouldn’t have said that about “Real Life”- now it will probably do something particularly mean and nasty to me in revenge. It’s very spiteful like that.)

      • Enigma says:

        you just need to get to the point you are so jaded that nothing “Real Life” can toss at you makes a impression on you and just gets tossed in the just another day pile. Tho once you DO hit this point “Real Life” tend to try harder to be a real JERK and tryes to ramp it up to 11 or 12. So far with me “Real Life” is banging its head on its desk in frustration as it keeps failing to affect me.

        • Number 6 says:

          Do not taunt “Real Life”. You are just making it angrier.

          (And, worse, if it gets tired of dealing with you, it just turns you over to its partner “Real Death”. That guy has no sense of humor at all.)

          • Enigma says:

            so every one keeps telling me but he has yet to show up at my door as for his sense of humor I find it rather entaning :3

    • mvandinter says:

      Changed jobs, renovated and sold house while working full time, packed and moved family across a continent while working full time… and the list goes on.

  3. Enigma says:

    Step 5: she kills you in your sleep with a rusty spoon she found in a pile of shit.

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