Unearth | Comic Strip – 3 Charlies


The author finds himself wrestling ghosts of pages past.

Weekly comic strips will continue until the author escapes temporal existence.

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10 Responses to Unearth | Comic Strip – 3 Charlies

  1. Hornet says:

    There are three Charlie’s cause she’s so excitable, she moves at Flash speeds, giving the camera multiple exposures per click.

  2. Ikwig says:

    I figured that there were three Charlie’s because she had either learned how to divide herself or clone herself; she’s just that brilliant, you know!

    For what it’s worth, I would just as rather that none of the characters was eaten by a dinosaur, even if other characters happen to find them annoying. . .

    Good luck with your ghost wrestling and attempts to outmaneuver time and it’s place in your life!

  3. mvandinter says:

    SPOILER ALERT courtesy of the artist: The real, real reason there are three Charlies in one panel is that I get bored with multi-panel page layouts… that is until I get bored with full-page layouts. Then I curse myself for doing an epic graphic novel instead of a 3-panel comic strip… like Garfield!

  4. Aslandus says:

    Don’t worry Alice, we all know the real protagonist of the story is the turtle dude in the top hat

    • mvandinter says:

      I’m sure you’re correct. The fact that he hasn’t made an appearance since the prologue and that you don’t know his name is immaterial 😉

  5. Luces says:

    Don’t kid youself, girls. The true epicentre in this story is Godfrey. Everybody else are just fillings!

  6. Luces says:

    But where is your other self with those charming protruding teeth, Matthew? Do you really dare into the dephts of the earth without his sharp mind and never erring sense for the worst?

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